Dan Rather

We have our moment now for action. We have a planet threatened by a climate crisis and a politics in dangerous disarray. But we do a disservice to ourselves and our ancestors to succumb to cynicism or hopelessness. We feel this moment. We are living it. It is what we know. Some day, our descendants will read about it. What will they go on to next in the textbook? That is up to us to write.

On this New Year, I do find myself thinking back a lot. But it is not with nostalgia. It is to better understand where I am going, where we all are going, and how to do whatever I can to help those yet to come. They will not have the burden or responsibility to remember this time. That is our charge. I see such energy and ingenuity that I know, if we find ways to harness a forward momentum, we can persevere and even thrive in the new year, and the years to come.

Dan Rather


Make no mistake, I’m a reporter who got very lucky…If I didn’t have a front-row seat on history, it was at least a seat on the aisle. I never plan to retire. My production company, News and Guts, is busy producing content that matters, driven by the mantra that curiosity is essential for a fulfilling life.

I got my start in print, then moved into radio and local television news, before joining CBS News in 1962. I had the honor of covering many big stories, from the Civil Rights Movement, to the Vietnam War, to the vast criminal conspiracy known as Watergate. In 1981 I assumed the position of anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News – a post I held for 24 years. My reporting was featured across the network from 60 Minutes to 48 Hours.

Upon leaving CBS, I returned to the in-depth reporting I always loved by creating the Emmy Award winning primetime news magazine and documentary program, Dan Rather Reports on the cable network HDNet. Currently I am the host for The Big Interview, on AXS TV and my independent production company is developing high-quality non-fiction and narrative content across a range of traditional and digital distribution channels.

Dan Rather: We Have Our Moment Now For Action
News and Guts

Truth – The Movie

“This movie has no dragons or robots or sex,” Dan Rather proudly stated about the film “Truth,” “but my hope is that it will broaden a new conversation. I want it to spark up a new, broader discussion about the importance of the free, independent and necessary press as part of the red beating heart of democracy and freedom.”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.”

Dan Rather on Why ‘Truth’ is the Best Journalism Movie of All Time

Truth – Prime Video